Is the pain in your knees related to poor tooth brushing habits?

According to new information released in the most recent version of the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, researchers in West Virginia have uncovered a close link between bacteria that causes in the inflammation and pain (issues and can even lead to rheumatoid arthritis in the knees) that were first “conceived” in the mouth.

This new discovery obviously shocked those that stumbled across it, but now new medical tests are being done to determine just how much of it in impact our dental hygienist has on our body and what we can do to eliminate a lot of the constant and chronic pain all over our body that may be caused and created in our mouths.

The germs in these impacted by rheumatoid arthritis are almost identical to bacteria in the mouth

As mentioned above, the researchers responsible for making this discovery noticed that the germs in the bacteria responsible for creating rheumatoid arthritis in the knee were almost identical in structure and in form to the germs that are responsible for tooth decay and pain in your mouth.

Well, after a little bit of extra research, it ends up that poor dental hygiene can actually cause bacteria in your mouth to break down all of the different barriers established to keep these elements out of your blood stream – and that smells trouble for your joints, areas where these germs love to collect and congregate.

Over an extended amount of time, the germs in your mouth are going to slowly infiltrate your bloodstream, and once they do and they are going to be pushed all throughout your body and eventually come to collect in joints near your ankles, your knees, and other areas of your extremities.

Eventually these germs will in fact the area, create all kinds of pain and negatively impact your mobility, and eventually arthritis is going to be able to thrive in the region. It’s extraordinary how oddly some things are linked.  There are people out there who are gobbling down strong painkillers like codeine on a daily basis – all because they are not cleaning their teeth properly.

Thankfully though, these things can be easily changed.

Visit the dentist twice a year – especially if your gums tend to bleed

If you are dealing with a gum disease issue (and you’ll know immediately if your gums bleed when you brush) you need to make sure that you have an appointment with a dentist ASAP. Gum disease is reversible – but it’s also preventable – which means you’re going to be able to nip this pain in the bud and reestablish those blood/bacteria barriers that may prevent knee pain from manifesting altogether.